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smartRED | Elektromobilität und Photovoltaik

Solar-optimized charging in a single family home

With the smartRED all-inclusive package, you can monitor the energy consumption of your family home in real time, evaluate the consumption data and control your charging station along your solar surplus - everything fully automated.

smartRED |  solar-optimize charging in a single family house

Our intelligent electricity meter measures the excess solar electricity in real time and charges your electric vehicle accordingly. You always have an overview of your energy data.


Charging station automatically increases or decreases the charging capacity along the solar production / surplus

No authentication required at the charging station - just connect a car

Charging with increased performance can be activated at the push of a button in the app

Communication of the devices via WLAN - no expensive installation costs

Energy consumption of the house measured and visualized in real time

Evaluation of the energy data using the free smart-me app and web portal

smartRED solution

All you need  - in addition to your PV system - is our package for solar-optimized charging with a charging station and a smart-me 80A meter. Our intelligent electricity meter is installed after the meter of your electricity supplier and transmits the electricity data to our system in real time via WLAN. With the free smart-me app, you always have control over your energy data and your are able to visualize it. You can also evaluate all consumption data historically in the web portal. In addition, this electricity meter controls the charging power at the e-station directly via the WLAN and based on the measured solar excess. You can also trigger an express charge at the push of a button in the smart-me app - if you urgently need electricity.

Whti this utilization of your solar power plant, your are abple to amortize the costs more quickly and use your locally generated electricity yourself in a sustainable way.

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