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Tenant electricity contracts: Cooperation with BBH


I. What is tenant electricity? 

"Tenant electricity" refers to electricity supply models in which electricity from decentralized generation plants (typically photovoltaic systems or CHPs) is supplied directly, i.e. without grid feed-through, to end consumers in the property and is pre-consumed. These deliveries should be contractually mapped. These contracts are often referred to as "tenant electricity contracts" without limiting the supply to "tenants".  A tenant electricity contract is ultimately an electricity supply contract that is concluded between the end consumer and the system operator as the tenant electricity supplier.  

II. tenant electricity concepts - what may it be? 

Behind the tenant stream supply stand frequently different tenant stream concepts. The supply chain, contracting and leasing models as well as energy cooperatives (Energiegenossenschaften/GbR) are mentioned in keywords. These characteristics are to be considered contractually just like the question, in which plants the tenant river produces and who (owner/landlord, tenant private/commercial, residential properties etc...) with the river to be supplied are. Furthermore, it must be considered whether the supply of tenant electricity is to come exclusively from decentralized generation plants or whether a full supply with additional residual quantities from the grid is to be provided. Finally, it must be considered whether the tenant electricity surcharge should be collected (§ 23b EEG 2017), which is connected with additional restrictions for the contract design.  

III. the right contract for each model - cooperation with the law firm BBH

Due to the variety of possible tenant electricity models, there is no one tenant electricity contract. It is important to use the suitable contract for the own tenant stream model. For this reason we cooperate with the law office Becker Büttner Held PartGmbB, which is specialized in energy law. We were able to agree special conditions for our customers for the preparation of tenant flow contracts. So if you need such a contract or if you have any legal questions regarding tenant electricity, we recommend you to contact BBH directly.  

Your contact person

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