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smartRED | Intelligent hard- and software for tenant electricity

Intelligent hard- and software for tenant electricity

In order to push energy transition ahead it is essential to make sustainable alternatives easy and mass-suitable. smartRED supplies you with intelligent hard- and software for measuring, visualising, billing and controlling the energy flows in your tenant electricity building. Our all-in-one system can easily and inexpensively be installed in new buildings or retrofitted to existing systems. Thanks to open interfaces, our devices are compatible with various third-party systems at any time. The smartRED system allows you to generate automated multi-tariff billing according to your use-case. With our intelligent meters all users have the ability to overview their energy consumption. On the basis of these data it gets easy to optimise the self-consumption of your PV system. 

automated multi-tariff billing with exact allocation of PV consumption 

easy optimization of your self-consumption through intelligent hard- and software 

simple installation and effortless to retrofit 

demand-oriented expansion, such as integration of solar-optimised charging for e-cars 

smart monitoring and switching functions via app 

open interfaces (API, MSCONS,… ) 


Tenant electricity stands for in-house PV production and selling said green energy directly to your tenants. This is a win-win all around: Tenants can purchase electricity from local and sustainable production, which in most cases is less expensive as well. For the landlord on the other hand, the amortization time reduces significantly and the public grid is subject to less fluctuation in load peaks. 

Electricity can be produced and used on site, with less electricity being purchased from the public grid. For the tenants, electricity is becoming less expensive & landlords profit from self-produced electricity.

Tenants can save money

- owner can earn money

decentralized eco-friendly electricity

Upgrade property

Tenant electricity - how it works

Photovoltaic systems or cogeneration units produce electricity on site, which is fed directly into the in-house grid in order to provide the residents with eco-friendly power. It can either be used to cover any current electricity demand or to charge a battery storage (if available). In case the generated electricity exceeds the in-house needs, it is fed into the public grid. Only if the energy demand is higher than the produced power, additional electricity needs to be purchased from the public grid. As a result, you can ensure the security of supply whilst mostly being self-sufficient. 

smartRED | Tenant electricity - how it works

Photovoltaic system

public grid



produce 0.074 kW

deliver 0.009 kW 

need 0.065 kW

100 % of the electricity demand is covered by self produced electricity. The surplus is fed into the public grid.

Measurement concept

In the case of a simple household consumption community, all consumers (each apartment and general electricity) and all producers (solar system, battery storage) are measured with one intelligent meter each.

Measurement of energy data with intelligent hardware – directly or via modules

Your energy data is in real time available for visualization, management, optimization and billing at all times 

M-Bus data for heat, water and gas 

Data available via app or web portal at any given time 

Open interfaces enable transfer to third-party systems (for example Loxone) 


Billing and energy labelling

One of the most important parts of tenant electricity is a lawful billing. In addition, it is important to minimize any administrative effort for house owners or administrators. Operators of tenant electricity buildings can easily determine different electricity rates for the monthly billing. Adjusting those rates online is easy and if desired the billing gets sent out to all consumers automatically. Even adding or changing a client can be done within seconds, which means mapping any change of tenant is straightforward. Getting a transparent overview about all used electricity makes it simple to optimise the solar power consumption.

Reference - tenant electricity apartment building Rotenburg (Wümme)

The apartment building in Rotenburg (Wümme) with it´s 22 housing units comes with a heat pump and two 22kW electric charging stations and with 40 kW connection power in total. It´s owner really cares about giving his tenants all possible options to actively take part in the energy transition process and therefore chose energy solutions from smartRED. With our smart hard- and software tenants can easily optimize their personal PV system consumption and get visualized consumption evaluations. smartRED automatically reports a multi-tariff billing.

“To put a tenant electricity project into practice doesn´t have to be hard. With smartRED´s hard- and software most parts are much easier than expected. I´d like to especially highlight the personal and highly competent support by smartRED”

Harald Priebe, Baumschule Priebe


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