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smartRED Elektromobilität für Energieversorger, Stadtwerke und Dienstleister

Environmentally friendly into the future -
for energy suppliers, public utilities, providers, ..

Emission-free, quiet and inexpensive - smartRED offers you an all-inclusve package with which you can sit back and start the future ecologically. We offer intelligent, cost-efficient and legal-for-trade e-charging solutions for all applications (private / semi-public / public). With our eCarUp platform (app and web) you can easily manage users, prices and opening times yourself. How to manage and manage your charging stations easily and inexpensively - from the charging process to billing.

Open interfaces guarantee the data transfer of any third-party systems, e.g. energy data management systems from energy suppliers, billing systems from property managers or energy optimization software. Thanks to our OCPP interface, you can, for example, maintain OCPP charging stations remotely.

The individual components are supplied either in a smart red design or as a white label. In this way, they can be seamlessly integrated into your portfolio or that of your customers.

Warum eCarUp?


eCarUp offers you and your customers up to real-time data on your charging stations. You can see how often, where and for how long your charging points are used. And your customers receive transparent information about the service and the involved costs. You can also create reports for individual stations or users.

Why eCarUp?

Das kann eCarUp

ECarUp Functionality


The eCarUp backend offers various billing options. Depending on the provider of the charging station, the chargings are billed automatically by credit card, electricity bill or expense report. Important: If the station is offered free of charge, eCarUp does not incur any costs for billing. There is also the possibility for third parties to pay by instant payment.

External use

You determine freely who can charge  ath what time and for which price. Adjust the tariffs conveniently at any time in the app or on the web portal. The charging stations can also be provided free of charge.

Load management

The eCarUp load management ensures that the connected load is not exceeded even with a larger number of vehicles. The amount of charge is distributed according to the number of cars plugged in so that the available amount of electricity is used efficiently and the vehicles are charged as quickly as possible. The load management can be supplemented at any time by additional stations.

Reference - Energie Thun

In cooperation with the eCarUp platform, Energie Thun offers both e-station owners and drivers comprehensive e-mobility services. The operating model is adapted to the individual needs of the respective application - from private charging stations with billing via electricity bills to the operation of public rapid charging stations and direct payment by credit card. All stations, users, prices and billing are managed on the intuitive and powerful eCarUp platform. Read more about the project here.

Real-time data also allow regional load management

Developments in the dynamic market are addressed

Communication with the car

Dynamic pricing models (time and / or availability)

"We at Energie Thun are convinced of the advantages of sustainable electromobility and would therefore like to offer our customers simple and convincing solutions on a proactive basis. ECarUp offers us the necessary instrument for all relevant applications in the supply area with a powerful yet flexible platform."

Christoph Woodtli

Projekt & Innovationsmanager Energie Thun, Energie Thun AG

Reference - Stadtwerke Rotenburg (Wümme)

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