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smart-me Meter

Energy management

- Your energy consumption becomes transparent

Our smart energy meters record consumption data for electricity, water, heat and gas. The values are transmitted to our cloud platform in real time via wifi interface.

The cloud platform is the smart control centre for the accumulated energy data, which can be accessed at any time via a smartphone app or our webportal.

Users are provided with visualisation tools, can optimise their private consumption using intelligent if/than rules and are able generate energy bills themselves. An open interfaces allow exporting data to any third party software program.

smartRED | We make your energy consumption transparent
smartRED | Energieverbrauch transparent

Intelligent interlinking - how smartRED works



Our smart energy meters record consumption data for electricity, water, heat & gas in real time.


If necessary (MBUS) the values are transmitted to the gateway (data logger).


The collected data are transmitted to the smart-me cloud -  with a secure data transfer and in real time.


The visualized data can be accessed at any time via smartphone app or our webportal.

In addition, there are various functions such as if-then actions, alarm and many more.

Make your meters intelligent now - 
with our smart-me Cloud

The values are transmitted to our cloud platform in real time via WiFi interface. You can monitor and control your consumption at any time. All meters with a M-BUS or a S0/SD interface can be integrated into your smart-me system. Heat pumps, battery storage, inverter and other equipment can be integrated without additional hardware. After the integration you can control and monitor all devices remotely in real time.

Real time





Intelligent meter


The smart-me Meter is a precise high-performance energy meter with a built-in WiFi interface.

No additional hardware is needed for the integration into the smart-me cloud.


The meter uses the existing wireless network and can be easily controlled and analysed via smartphone, tablet or computer. This is the easiest option to visualise the usage of energy in real time, to analyse the metered data and to optimise the own consumption intelligently.

The smart-me meters are available in 1-phase and 3-phase.

smart-me meter

smart-me meter 1-phase
smart-me M-Bus Gateway

smart-me M-Bus Gateway

The smart-me M-Bus gateway transmits data from the M-Bus meter into the smart-me cloud. Because of an integrated WiFi interface ,no additional hardware is required. Meter data (water, electricity, temperature and gas) are automatically uploaded into the cloud.

The M-Bus integrates a level converter for 50 M-BUS energy meters and a power supply unit. The M-BUS supports all M-BUS devices according to EN13757-2, -3 (former EN1424-3).

smart-me kamstrup modul for omnipower

The smart-me kamstrup Modul for omnipower transmits data from the meter into the smart-me cloud. Because of an integrated WiFi interface no additional hardware is required. For easy monitoring and controlling of energy data.

smart-me kamstrup modul for omnipower

Benefits of the smart-me Meter




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